Finance & Mortgage

Compliant Audit Trail of Finance & Mortgage Faxes

Fax Solutions for the Finance/Mortgage Sector

We are “Changing the Way You Fax” in the finance/mortgage sector. Our award-winning XMediusFAX® T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) server software increases productivity; streamlines and automates fax workflow processes; reduces operational costs; and improves the security, accountability and traceability of faxed financial data .

With XMediusFAX, financial analysts, auditors, executives and lawyers can exchange financial data by fax more securely, reliably and efficiently.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance

Established as a direct result of the Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco scandals, SOX was intended to protect investors from executive fraud by ensuring adequate internal controls for accurate financial reporting.

Documents subject to SOX regulations include: financial reports; legal documents; insurance claims; mortgage applications and quotes; loan approvals; and trade confirmations.

Leveraging VoIP investments, XMediusFAX automates faxing for improved control of fax communications processes and faster VoIP/FoIP ROI.

XMediusFAX facilitates SOX compliance by securely and rapidly routing faxes straight to intended recipients’ email inboxes or secure printers. This prevents unauthorized access, whereas traditional fax machines leave faxes vulnerable for unintended recipients to read or take.

Furthermore, XMediusFAX creates an audit trail of fax transmission logs to facilitate SOX compliance, while significantly reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Some of our finance and mortgage customers include:

  • American Chartered Bank
  • Advanced Homestead
  • Browning Title
  • CB Howard Perry and Walston
  • Columbus Associates
  • Compass Bank
  • Executive Title
  • Express Capital Lending
  • Great Southwest Mortgage
  • Highwoods Properties Inc.
  • Impac Companies
  • Keal
  • Market Street Mortgage
  • Metropolitan Title – Nashville
  • Morrison Homes
  • Prime One Mortgage Corporation
  • RMA Home Services
  • Southern State Mortgage, Inc.
  • Southern Title Support Group
  • Stewart Title
  • Stewart Title Guaranty – Cypress
  • Stewart Title of Tampa
  • Taylor, Bean & Whitaker
  • Universal Land Title

"I was impressed with XMediusFAX during the demonstrations, and now that it is installed, I am even more impressed. The product does everything that was promised and is very easy to administer . . . The level of support from Sagemcom has been as good as we hoped, if not better. They have very knowledgeable staff and are very friendly to work with."

Gary Peters, Second Vice President of Information Systems, American Chartered Bank

"When I discovered XMediusFAX can operate boardless, I was amazed . . . XMediusFAX was easier to set up than RightFax. I was surprised it only took 30–45 minutes. I installed the email gateway, typed in a DID, set up a profile, tested it for dial-tone, and it was done!"

– Kelvin Bustillo, IT/Facilities Manager Express Capital Lending