HIPAA-compliant Fax Server Software

Fax Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

We are “Changing the Way You Fax” in the healthcare sector through our innovative, secure, fax server software solutions designed to significantly reduce operational costs and boost staff productivity.

Award-winning XMediusFAX® fax server technologies have accelerated the goals of numerous healthcare providers. Whether exchanging patient records or processing health insurance claims, healthcare workers and agents now have more time to focus on patient care due to the benefits of desktop IP faxing.

HIPAA Compliance

Faxed patient records, lab results, health insurance claims, legal agreements, and drug prescriptions are examples of documents subject to patient security and privacy regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

XMediusFAX facilitates HIPAA compliance by enabling fast, reliable and secure fax transmission of confidential patient information. Faxes are routed directly to intended recipients’ email inboxes or secure printers, which prevents unauthorized access, whereas traditional fax machines leave faxes vulnerable for unintended recipients to read.

Since XMediusFAX provides complete transmission logs of the fax workflow, it also provides organizations with an official audit trail.

Some of our healthcare customers include:

  • Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)
  • Atlanta Cancer Care
  • Bay Pharmacy
  • Baylor College of Medicine / Breast Center
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Cancer Care of WNC
  • CancerCare Manitoba
  • Carle Clinic
  • Community Partnership of Southern Arizona – Regional Behavioral Health Authority
  • Comprehensive Wellness Services
  • Fresno Heart Hospital
  • Managed Care Systems
  • Medstar Health
  • Mid-Ohio Oncology / Hematology
  • Montgomery Cancer Center
  • Omnicare
  • Spartanburg Regional Healthcare
  • System
  • TriWest Healthcare Alliance

“Our clients are much more satisfied with the XMediusFAX solution than with the previous fax product . . . Service and support from Sagemcom have been outstanding. They’re very flexible and have provided the highest level of attention to every request . . . The XMediusFAX implementation was very easy – clean and quick. And the fax image quality is great! . . . Sagemcom has demonstrated time after time that they share that commitment. Overall, we are very satisfied with our XMediusFAX solution.”

Jason Singleton, Regional IT Manager, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)

“From our initial contact to the present day, we have been given the best customer service that you could hope for, which has been a major factor in our decision. Sagemcom was also able to provide a solution to address all of our needs . . . We get very individualized, personal service from people who seem to know us when we call. That’s really a comfort, and is certainly rare to the IT industry, in my experience.”

– Mark Fred, RN Senior Business Analyst Clinic EMR, Information Technology, Carle Clinic

“We needed an online fax solution that would not require expensive and problematic cards. As the market’s only T.38 Fax over IP solution that does not require a fax board, XMediusFAX matched the profile.”

– Jonathon Anderson, Director of IT, Fresno Heart Hospital

“Given the breadth of our 21-state coverage, government processing standards, HIPAA regulations, and stringent security guidelines, our requirements and expectations were extremely unique and exacting. Sagemcom’s XMediusFAX SP met flexibility and reliability requirements. It was easy to use and understand.”

– Rick Green, Vice President and CIO, TriWest Healthcare Alliance

“Everything is humming along nicely with the Sagemcom fax server. It just works all the time with no problems.”

– Mike Gerolami, System Administrator, CancerCare Manitoba

“Their product is rock solid and support is fantastic. We have been using it for several years, and not once have I encountered any problems. Support technicians are very knowledgeable and have lots of patience. I couldn’t ask for a better product!”

– Kelly Shidler, Sr. Technical Consultant, Baylor College of Medicine/ Breast Center