Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Faxing Remains Vital to ECM

More than 100 billion fax pages are transmitted annually worldwide.1 An organization may fax hundreds or thousands of invoices, purchase orders, and other confidential and legal documents. Therefore, faxing is not about to disappear. In fact, it is here to stay, playing a strategic and mission-critical role within new IP network implementations.

. . . yet Traditional Faxing Is Expensive and Inefficient

Maintaining numerous single-purpose fax machines and paying for analog phone lines is expensive and inefficient. So are the costs for long distance, electricity, toners, paper, and labor – walking to and from the fax machine. Traditional faxes are insecure paper documents languishing outside the corporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or electronic document-management system.

A Centralized Fax Solution for Business-Critical Processes

XMediusFAX® leverages your IP network and IP telephony initiatives by routing faxes to email inboxes, allowing users to fax directly from their desktops. All faxes are securely stored on the XMediusFAX server, enabling workflow, collaboration, and archiving processes.

A Perfect Fit for ECM and Document Management

With XMediusFAX’s robust processing and storage capabilities and open standards support, it is a perfect fit for your ECM and document-management strategies. Since XMediusFAX captures metadata of every transmission, faxes can be automatically routed to billing systems, workflow applications, inserted into data­bases, and sent to destinations such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Server.

Multiple Desktop Tools to Bring Fax Online

XMediusFAX enables employees to easily and securely transmit orders, records, reports and confidential documents directly from popular Microsoft Office products, ERP and CRM applications, email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, and Web browsers.

Compliance Reliance

XMediusFAX is invaluable in organizations bound by regulations such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard, HIPAA (healthcare), Sarbanes-Oxley (finance), DITSCAP (government), and ACUTA and FERPA (education). All your faxes are tracked, managed and archived, facilitating compliance.

Industry-Wide MFP Support

XMediusFAX integrates with any T.37- and SMTP-supported multifunction printers (MFPs) and digital copiers. All documents faxed to or from the MFP are processed, tracked, and stored by XMediusFAX, in compliance with document retention policies.

Powerful Fax Processing

The award-winning XMediusFAX’s built-in OCR, XML, XSLT, Python script support and advanced printer-driver capabilities seamlessly integrate fax into your ECM and document-management mechanisms – streamlining business processes by delivering faxes exactly when and where you need them.

1. Based on research conducted by Davidson Consulting.

XMediusFAX and Enterprise Content Management

Since its inception as the pioneer of Fax over IP (FoIP) in 2002, industry-leading XMediusFAX has delivered real-time faxes to the desktop by leveraging the T.38 capabilities of VoIP networks. By transmitting fax over IP networks, this software-only technology enhances productivity and integrates fax into standard electronic business processes, while eliminating the inefficiencies and costs of traditional fax. XMediusFAX is a perfect fit for corporate ECM and document-management strategies. Here are some of the reasons:

  • XMediusFAX automatically captures digital information from all incoming faxes, which both leverages your VoIP infrastructure and enhances staff productivity since you don’t need to manually process paper faxes.
  • Built-in XML support, OCR and other tools allow for further data and metadata capture.
  • All faxes processed in high-quality TIFF or PDF formats, enabling easy access, management and manipulation.
  • Faxes can be sent to any directory with all their details (e.g., time, number of pages, etc.) included in an XML metadata file.
  • XSLT support allows customers to transform the XML output for custom business purposes.
  • Highly scalable open-standard SQL fax database (MySQL) that can store and archive up to 16 million faxes.
  • XMediusFAX creates an audit trail of all faxes sent and received, to facilitate regulatory compliance and guarantee integrity of fax-based communications.
  • No. 1 FoIP engine on the market for ensuring secure, real-time fax processing and delivery to multiple destinations such as inboxes, printers, folders, downstream business systems, and ECM or document archiving platforms.
  • Cost-effective fax delivery because XMediusFAX doesn’t need boards, phone lines or third-party hardware: it leverages your VoIP infrastructure.

Sagemcom Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

With the ever increasing adoption of SharePoint by IT departments within organizations worldwide to either complement the ECM solution they currently have in place, or as their point solution, connectors may be needed in order to bridge the gap regarding functionality that is not inherent to the platform.

With this in mind, Sagemcom’s connector for SharePoint provides the ability to easily port information from Sagemcom solutions via metadata inheritance into SharePoint sites for storage and future processing. Enterprises of any size can leverage the connector web interface to easily integrate their faxing and document management content into a workflow process of their choosing.

How Sagemcom's Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Works

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