XMediusFAX Express Edition

XMediusFAX ExpressXMediusFAX® Express Edition

Software based FoIP solutions for organizations of all sizes requiring cost-effective offerings for lighter faxing volumes

Redefining the IP Fax Server Market

XMediusFAX® is Sagemcom’s innovative and patented IP fax server solution supporting the secure and standardized T.38 Fax-over-IP protocol and G.711 Fax Pass-Through. Redefining the market when it was first introduced in 2002, XMediusFAX® is the global leading software-only IP fax server solution that is offered in three application optimized editions, namely, SP for Service Provider, EE for Enterprise, and X for Express.

Optimizing Global TDM to IP Migration

XMediusFAX® software solutions are optimized to efficiently address the accelerating global TDM to IP migration trend, deliver enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). These solutions address diverse fax deployment drivers ranging from increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, evolving infrastructure strategies (i.e., UC, ECM, ‘branch’ optimization), flexible application integration (ERP/CRM) to adoption of more economical, eco-friendly core technologies (i.e., FoIP, virtualization) and versatile multifunction devices (MFDs).

Express Edition Highlights

The XMediusFAX® Express edition is ideal for organizations requiring a software-only fax solution with up to 4 fax channels and email integration for a small to medium sized user group (up to 100 users). The Express edition contains a number of key features including:

  • Unique Exchange integration and enhanced user productivity with Outlook add-ons
  • Enhanced LDAP directory integration (i.e., Active Directory, Lotus Domino) with LDAPS support
  • Automated document deliver leveraging any combination of fax routing methods
  • Hardcopy paper faxing with support for multiple MFD manufacturers including Xerox, Ricoh, eCopy ShareScan, Sharp
  • Web-based fax composition and system management
  • Multilingual support for international character sets
  • Easy to deploy with simplified network installation support through Windows Installer (MSI) technology
  • Virtual machine support using VMware, Microsoft Hypervisor and Citrix
  • Advanced SIP Trunking (T.38 and G.711) optimized integration
  • Rich administration and monitoring tools
  • Comprehensive inbound fax routing methods for telephony (i.e., DID, CSID) and character recognition based (i.e., OCR) solutions

Compelling Economics

Provides Substantial ROI

Simple to use and administer, XMediusFAX® Express yields considerable and rapid ROI (typically 1 to 6 months), since expensive fax boards and dedicated analog lines are not required.

Increases Staff Productivity

XMediusFAX® boosts productivity by typically 90% over traditional manual faxing, since users no longer need to make time-consuming trips to a fax machine.

Reduces Telecom Costs

XMediusFAX® can reduce telecom costs by up to 90% over traditional faxing. In multi-branch organizations, long-distance fax charges are drastically reduced through XMediusFAX®’s built-in Least Cost Routing. XMediusFAX® eliminates costly analog phone lines, hardware, maintenance and supplies.

Organizations can save tens of thousands of dollars a year with XMediusFAX®.

Facilitates Seamless Interoperability and Cost-Optimized Application Integration

XMediusFAX® drives business process costs down by seamlessly interoperating with VoIP gateways, IPBXs, voicemail systems (UM/UC applications including Microsoft Exchange 2013), LDAP directories, ECM/ERP applications including Microsoft SharePoint, and MFDs.

Flexible Architecture

Improving Security and Compliance

XMediusFAX® advanced user/admin control, management, and encryption features efficiently protect document privacy and facilitate compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Sensitive documents in TIFF or PDF format are routed to only approved recipients and designated secure printers / MFDs.

Enabling Survivability

The XMediusFAX® Express edition can benefit from disaster recovery (DR) when peered with an XMediusFAX® Service Provider edition server.

Enabling a Future-Proof Investment

As a completely software-based IP fax server solution, XMediusFAX® Express edition does not require any extra hardware or third-party kits. It is a future-proof fax server solution and a perfect companion for a VoIP deployment, allowing you to convert all circuits to IP, including fax. Standards based SIP and H.323 support also ensure compatibility with today’s and emerging VoIP systems.

Simple Operations

Faxing Anywhere, Anytime, & from Any Device

In today’s increasingly connected and mobile workplace, XMediusFAX® software solutions provide users unique operations simplicity in sending and receiving faxes from a wide spectrum of interfaces (i.e., desktop email clients, MFDs, cell phones, etc.) and leveraging powerful web-optimized reporting tools - with guaranteed performance.

Unleashing the Power of FoIP Driven Green Solutions

XMediusFAX®’s support for key core technologies including virtualization and FoIP permits organizations unprecedented flexibility to rapidly and easily deploy cost-effective and green optimized solutions.


XMediusFAX® boosts productivity up to 90% over traditional, manual faxing:
  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Exchange UM 2010 and 2013
  • Centralized Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or web administrative interface for easy system administration (Assistive Technology Optimized)
  • Manage faxing, users and Quality of Service (QoS) on a per-site basis
  • Simplified user management with enhanced LDAP directory integration
  • Delegate site administrators with configurable permissions
  • Network installation support through Windows Installer (MSI) technology
  • Thin client support via Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Services
  • Configurable time zone at user and site level
Automatic Fax Delivery
  • Methods: DID, DNIS, ANI, CSID, OCR, Channel and LDAP search
  • Destinations: user, email, printer, folder
  • Configurable notification templates and attachment filename and automatic page split
  • DTMF code support for SIP protocol (inbound/ou bound)
Monitoring & Reporting
  • Monitor all faxes sent, received, or in process, as well as server status
  • Live graphical fax port usage monitor and integrated network packet capturing utility
  • Email notification of service status events to administrator via SMTP
  • Administrative audit logging and application services status changes logged in Windows Event Log
  • System queue monitoring and alerts through SNMP and Performance Monitor (PerfMon)
  • Integrated system reporting with a comprehensive set of 20+ built-in reports
Supported Document Formats
  • Adobe PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, RTF
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Any Windows application that support “Print-To”

Survivability & Scalability

  • Off-Site (inter-system) replication for business continuity and Disaster Recovery (must be peered with an SP edition server)
  • MySQL Database scalable to millions of inbound/outbound faxes with easy archiving
  • Virtualization ready for enhanced system availability and resources allocation
  • Support for multiple T.38 and G.711 VoIP gateways with redundant dial-plans
  • Support for branch survivability via Cisco’s SRE-V solution within the Unified Computing System (UCS) Express platform

User Productivity

  • Custom forms for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes allow users to select coversheets and modify fax transmission settings
  • Fax notifications in HTML or text format, and attachments in TIF, PDF, or searchable PDF
  • Select either individual or broadcast report notifications
  • Web-based fax composition and management with integrated phone book (private and public)
  • Drag-and-drop transmit using SendFAX
  • Rearrange pages; add text insertions, highlights, and stamps to faxes
  • Multilingual support & support for international character sets. Available languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese
  • Delayed / Scheduled Faxing
  • User Fax Box Delegation
  • User account monitoring
  • Print to web fax composition
  • HTML5 & CSS3 web-ready interface
Hardcopy Faxing (MFD)
Platform specific - via Sagemcom connectors
  • Ÿ Xerox Extensible Interface PlatformTM (EIP)
  • Ricoh ESA SDKJ 10/11
  • eCopy ShareScan 5.0
  • Sharp OSA 4.1
Via standard interfaces
  • T.37 – Ricoh, EFI, Canon, Lexmark, OKI, Muratec, Okidata, Toshiba
  • Scan to SMTP – Konica Minolta, Brother, Dell, Kyocera, Okidata, Olivetti, Samsung, Toshiba
  • XML File Polling – Kyocera, Xerox Server Fax, HP


  • Sagemcom connector for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013
  • T.38 and G.711 SIP Trunking


  • Encrypted Fax Transmission over SRTP
  • SSL authentication and encryption between all server modules and clients
  • HTTPS for secured Web Client communications
  • Built-in Windows Authentication support
  • Support for LDAP over SSL (LDAPS)
  • Enforce usage of billing codes
  • Restricted destination fax number tables
  • Per user/profile security settings (allow to fax, require password, modify sender information, enforce cover page)

Supported Environments1

VoIP Gateways
  • Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes and Alcatel VoIP Gateways
Fax Protocols
  • ITU T.38, T.37 and G.711
  • V.34 Super G3
  • ECM (Error Correction Mode)
  • H.323, and MGCP (only CUCM)
Fax Boards
  • Brooktrout TR1034 (analog and digital) and TruFax
  • Dialogic Diva Server (analog and digital)
Operating Systems
  • Virtual machine support (i.e., VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix)
  • Server: Windows 2012/2012 R2/2008/2008 R2/2003 (32 or 64 bits)
  • Client: Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista/XP
  • Cisco SRE-V / UCS Express
Email Server
  • Ÿ Microsoft Exchange 2013/2010/2007
  • Lotus Domino 9/8.5/8.0
  • Any SMTP mail server
Fax Clients
  • Ÿ Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007 (32 or 64 bits)
  • OpenOffice.org 4.0/3.4/3.2/3.1/3.0/2.4
  • Outlook 2003
  • XMediusFAX® SendFAX client for advanced fax composition
  • Any SMTP mail client (i.e., Outlook Express, Eudora and Mozilla)
  • Microsoft Office Internet Fax Service Integration
Web Browsers
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
  • Google Chrome: all latest versions
  • Apple Safari 5.x+

  • 1 For complete details please review the XMediusFAX® Installation Guide
XMediusFAX is a fast, secure, and reliable IP fax server solution that has dominated the global FoIP market since 2002.1

Its pioneering boardless (software-only) FoIP technology offers the most advanced T.38 FoIP integration for Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, and Alcatel VoIP platforms. XMediusFAX has won numerous awards in the IP telephony space.

1. Based on research conducted by Davidson Consulting

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