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Track Your IP Fax Workflow with XTraxXTrax

Regulatory compliance, Fax over IP (FoIP) and business process management are fueling the way organizations transmit, process, archive and track information.

With regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in the financial sector, HIPAA in healthcare, FERPA in education and DITSCAP in government, technologies such as Sagemcom's XTraxMC, are "Changing the Way You Fax."

XTrax provides you with a formal audit trail. It is easy-to-use, fax workflow software that facilitates viewing, searching, processing, OCR scanning, routing, archiving, and receiving faxes.

Since XTrax tracks all faxes received and processed, it simplifies compliance with regulations governing the security, accountability and confidentiality of corporate or institutional data.

How XTrax WorksXTrax

Installed as a client on each workstation, or accessed through a thin client, XTrax is used in conjunction with Sagemcom's XMediusFAX T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) fax server system and Microsoft SQL Server.

XTrax enables administrators and users to track and process all inbound faxes using Active Directory memberships to manage rights.

Database requirement: Microsoft SQL Server, versions 2000 or 2003

XTrax enables administrators and users to track and manage all inbound faxes.

  1. Inbound faxes are inserted into XTrax by the XMediusFAX fax server using a routing table, which drops the faxes into designated folders. Folders are categorized as:
  • Unprocessed (faxes are directly routed here through the associated DIDs)
  • Processed (once the fax has been successfully processed)
  • Deleted (invalid faxes)
    Administrators can attribute comments to faxes, designating them with flags, such as "Urgent," "Pending" or "Follow-up."
  1. Using the XTrax Viewer, users can open and process the content within the fax folders as part of a workflow. Users are designated in Teams. A Drop-in folder is also available for users to reroute faxes that do not belong to them, their workflow, or team.
  2. With the XTrax Browser, users can browse different folders, search for new and processed faxes, and consult the audit tracking log for each fax.

XTrax Simplifies Your Fax Workflow

  • View, search, reroute, forward and delete faxes
  • Archive faxes for easy retrieval
  • Annotate faxes with stamped comments, highlights, pen marks, and action flags
  • Copy fax filenames directly to the clipboard to minimize typing errors
  • Select an area of the fax image for OCR, and the data is copied to the clipboard
  • After manipulating the inbound fax, easily forward TIF fax attachments by launching the XMediusFAX SendFAX client
  • Split Fax functionality splits one faxed document into different faxes to be processed separately. Users can also reassign the cover page to all split faxes.

XTrax Administration

  • Track and process all inbound faxes using Active Directory memberships to manage rights
  • Add comments to faxes, designating them as Urgent, Pending, Follow-up, etc.
XTrax Administration

The XTrax Browser

  • Search new and processed inbound faxes
  • Consult the audit tracking logs for each fax
XTrax Browser

The XTrax Viewer

  • Open and process inbound faxes as part of your workflow
  • Annotate, copy, select for OCR, etc.

XTrax Viewer